Be inspired and expand potential.  This sampling of workshops strengthens skills for building a great future.

Sailing the 7-Cs of Business:
This fun workshop follows the entire flow of events that make a business work.  Get the map that shows you how to navigate the 7-“C’s” found in every business;  Care, Customers, Closing, Contract, Craft, Collections and back to Customers.  Every step is important, every step must be worked…no exceptions!  Learn the order-to-cash process that governs business; learn how the money flows through the business and what it means to create an economic engine.

Finding the Treasure in my Business with the ValueTree™
Money flows in a very predictable way;  in business, NGO’s, states or countries, the same basic rules apply to all.  Demystify the world of money in just one short session and position all work for success.  Want to know how it all works?  Have the total finances of the business on one page.  Be amazed!

Life is approaching.  Live life by choice, not chance.  Have a clear destination instead of just “going with the flow.”  Get the edge with 5-to-Thrive, an integrated assessment designed to focus thinking and actions.  Get motivated and plan to thrive in an uncertain world. Crafting a vibrant future begins with clarity:  1)  Uniqueness; 2) Mastery; 3) Fears; 4) Growth; and 5) Strength.  At the end of the workshop speak for an exciting future, think clearly, have a plan and be motivated to act.   Shift your thinking, shift your future, shift your life.

Windows ‘n Doors…Possibilities and Opportunities
“Chance favors the prepared mind.”

This workshop is designed to help prepare minds.  Minds that will have thought through what is required to get the future desired so that when windows of time and doors of opportunity appear the moment will be seized.  Opportunities float by all the time but without preparation get missed.  Be ready to see the doors when they open.

Listen to Me:  Effective Interactions  (1 hour)
Is it possible to improve listening skills?  What does it mean “to be heard?”  Be equipped with the powerful 5-level interaction model and understand the difference between effective and ineffective interactions.  Be choiceful about choosing the best interaction method to use working with other people.

You Make Me Crazy: Decoding my Hot Buttons  (1 hour)
Start the journey to increased effectiveness through self-control.  Understand what causes strong outbursts of emotional energy and through self-awareness learn how to stop it.  Become aware of the body’s early warning indicator and how that can be used for increased personal control.

STARPOWER,  Thriving in Uncertain Times
The future awaits!  Get into Action with STARPOWER and learn how to use this 5-point model for success.  It all starts with a good Attitude/Aspirations tied together with Appearance, Abilities and Associations.  Add the power of making a decision/being Accountable and make the future happen.  This interactive and fun workshop develops an integrated plan than can be acted on immediately.  Get started and be encouraged about the future.

Creating Your Destiny
Living into convictions creates an exciting destiny. “I am what I allow, promote and create.”  Explore evolving life by choice, not chance.  A person’s destiny is influenced by personal vision, preparation, values, will and timing.  This session is designed to allow the necessary time to stop and think about what is desired and what it will take to achieve it.  At the end of the workshop be equipped with strategies for development and growth, be trained to use MyLifeTree™ for mapping-out life’s values, and be willing to take greater control and accountability for the future.  This  workshop is a perfect, small-group follow-on to STAR POWER™.